꒰୨୧ Join us! ୨୧꒱

If you are an artist who considers their art to be cute or aims to be cute, feel free to submit a form.

Read the rules bellow before joining in!

1. No NFTs and Ai art allowed.

2. No traced, stolen or reposted art.

3. If you have not posted any art within last year, you will be removed. You can rejoin once you start posting again. (This is to avoid ghost accounts)

4. Fetish art is not allowed.

5. NSFW accounts are not accepted at this moment.

6. To join this community you'll need to type the password cherish on the submission form.

7. We would appreciate if you could link us back on your carrd or website! (not mandatory) If more people can find this site that means more support for you!

If you accept these rules, please clic here to submit your application form.

꒰୨୧ Add my event/commission/adoptable info to the site (for members) ୨୧꒱

If you have commissions, adoptables or events (contest, giveaway, DTIYS) e-mail us again with the following:

୨୧ Your username:

୨୧ Link to your event, commission info or adoptable:

୨୧ URL/link to your advertise image (must be 125x125px , no attachments)

You can only submit one ad of each category per week!

꒰୨୧ Editing my information ୨୧꒱

If you need to update or edit your submited information just email us with the changes you want to do!